Blues City Music in Memphis Tennessee is the best place to find boutique guitars, amplifiers, effects, cables, stage lighting, and more.

Blues City Music sells Soldano, Diamond, Diezel, Louis Electric, and Splawn guitar amplifiers as well as Zemaitis, Diamond, and Traveler guitars, along with Solid Cables and George L's instrument and speaker custom cables, and American DJ LED stage lighting.

Hello from Memphis, Tennessee, the home of Blues City Music, Rock and Roll, and Delta Blues. 

We are so glad you stopped by for a visit.  So take your time, do your research and notice right off the bat that you are dealing with a company totally dedicated to a customer service initiative unlike any other music store you've ever encountered, so enjoy yourself.  Then when you are ready, give us a call, email, tweet, Face Book message, text, or come by our storefront and we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have. 

Blues City Music has been solely owned and operated by James L. Burke III since its inception in 2005.  BCM is a proud NAMM member, A+ rated Better Business Bureau member, and a Trustwave member in regards to the security of online sales transactions.  James is also a full time Boeing 777 Captain/Check Airman with FedEx Express, but Blues City Music is his passion.  This means you will get the products YOU want and not just what we may have in stock.  Noble concept right?  That's just the way we do business, the old fashioned way, based upon a handshake and good quality customer service. 

Blues City Music has a very good online presence, but we also have an historic store front.  We operate out of the legendary American Recording Studio, in downtown Memphis.  Elvis Presley, Duck Dunn, Jeff Buckley, Sonic Youth, Loretta Lynn, Joe Perry, The Wilcos, The Barkays, etc. have all recorded here in the past.  You will have the opportunity to play any amplifiers etc. we may have as LOUD and as LONG as you like.  Remember, in the end it is all about YOUR TONE that matters.  So let us help you find it. 

Blues City Music is the world's largest stocking dealer for Soldano Custom Amplification.  We also carry Diamond Amplification Custom Shop and Vanguard series amplifiers, products from Diezel Amplification, Louis Electric Amplifiers, Splawn Amplification, Zemaitis Guitars, Diamond Guitars, Traveler Guitars, Diamond Tactical MOLLE system gig bags and attachment pouches, Solid Cables custom shop Dynamic Arc Ultra, Dynamic Arc Beta, ELEPH, and GT instrument and speaker cables, George L's cables, American DJ professional stage lighting, PM Valves, JJ, Sovtek, Ruby, Tung Sol, and Gold Lion replacement vacuum tubes etc., a large supply of out of production Fat Tone Pickups, as well as a host of other high quality products.  

We really appreciate your patronage as we know you have a choice.  You've come to the right place.

Welcome to Blues City Music.

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Blues City Music News

Should you buy new or used? That is the question of the week.

May 19, 2015

So should you save up more money, sell some unused gear so you can buy a new guitar or amplifier from, or should you roll the dice and by it used and hang on to that cash?  Great question, and one I get on a weekly basis.  Matter of fact, I had a customer from New York call today inquiring about a used Diezel Herbert.  My answer was no, but that I have a BRAND NEW UNTOUCHED Herbert arriving Friday.  It's all his if he chooses.  Yeah, no doubt, I get it, the overall economic scene isn't that great, but I have a different take on this question.  Tell me what you think. You only go around once, you...

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Diamond Amplification 327SD guitar amplifier demo by Blues City Music is now available

April 05, 2015

Blues City Music is proud to announce that we have uploaded a killer new 1920 x 1080 HD guitar amplifier video of the Diamond Amplification 327SD.  You can find it on either the Diamond or Soldano amp collections here, the Blues City Music Face Book page, or on the Blues City Music You Tube channel. We recorded this clip via a Yamaha 2 channel mixer with Darlington mic preamps, a Shure SM57 instrument mic mounted off center off axis into a Diamond Amplification 4x12" straight front cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30's in 8 ohms, and a Canon 5D Mark III full frame DSLR camera at 24 frames per second in Manual, F8 aperture, 1/50 shutter speed, and ISO of 800. ...

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Diamond Amplification/Diamond Guitars/Diamond Tactical visit 25 March 15'

March 23, 2015

Blues City Music will be in Houston, Texas, 24-25 March 2015, to meet with owner Jeff Diamant and shop manager Sam Austin. I'm hoping to shoot 4 videos. 1.  Introduction to Diamond Amplification and how, when, and where this company is going. 2.  Introduction to Diamond Guitars what the future holds as far as models and pricing. 3.  Introduction to Diamond Tactical gig bag, guitar, effects, etc. MOLLE system products. 4. *** Live video of the just released Diamond Amplification 327SD guitar amp.  Sam Austin will demo this amp for me covering all aspects including Clean, Crunch, and Overdrive channels. I'll be bringing my portable photography and video rigs with me to capture both days visit.  I'll be using my...

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Welcome to Blues City Music

December 10, 2014

Hello from Memphis, Tennessee, where we proudly call home.  Memphis is also the home of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, Donald Duck Dunn, Al Green, and a host of other major label iconic musicians. If you are like me, you first started out with a small practice amp and a beater guitar.  Then you moved into imports and bigger amps as well.  Maybe you tried the digital craze of modeling amps and/or a host of foot pedals trying to find your tone.  Did you find it?  Maybe, but more than likely since you are here at my site, you didn't.  Well, don't feel like the Lone Ranger.  We've all been there and done that.  Blues City Music was started by...

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