Diamond Amplification USA Custom 2X12 Cabinet - Black Grille Cloth

This item is for a black grille cloth USA Custom 2x12 only!

About Custom Cabinets

4x12" CAB: Custom engineered for optimum sonic response, the 4x12" cabinet is hand crafted from 11-ply Baltic Birch and built as rugged as the head. Sealed and resealed, these cabinets provide the tightest, clearest sound on the market with massive low end. Airspace is precision optimized to ensure the best sonic response and efficiency from the speakers.

Diamond cabinets are exclusively powered by Celestion speakers, which have set the benchmark of tone and reliability for decades now. Our custom cabinets contain 4 Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.

Cabs feature the highest quality components, including substantially upgraded 220 lb. load rated casters with quick-change plates. Wired to 8 ohms.

2x12" CAB: DA’s 2x12" is crafted with identical features and construction to the Diamond 4x12". The 2x12" features 2 Celestion Vintage 30’s wired to 16 ohms. Comes with removable casters with quick-change plates and unique edge-lift handles.

Custom Cabinet Features

  • All cabinets are hand made
  • 4x12" or 2x12" (Celestion Vintage 30 speakers)
  • 8 ohms
  • Baltic Birch construction
  • Substantially upgraded casters, each with 220 lb. load rating attached with easy to use quick change plates
  • Constructed for maximum durability and tone
  • 4x12" Available in four grill choices: Black Grill Cloth, Black Metal, & Silver Vein Metal
  • 2x12" Available in two grill choices: Black and Tan Basket Weave & Black Grill Cloth

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