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Diezel Amplification is a premier handmade guitar amplification company located in Bad Steben, Germany, Europe.  After almost 20 years in the business, owners Peter Diezel and Peter Stapfers still follow the core values which drove them when they founded the company. 

Diezel Amplification is building the highest quality all tube guitar amplifiers available by using superior craftsmanship, modern features to achieve the widest possible range of guitar amplified sounds on stage, in studios, or at home, while insuring that the relationship to their customer is fundamentally a key part of the business.

Keeping track of a player’s needs - the passion for sound, quality, and versatility are driving factors. Diezel Amplification also supports the environmental friendly, non mass producing manufacturing in Germany, and will focus on the future development of state of the art amplifiers for today and tomorrow.

Blues City Music is a proud stocking dealer of Diezel Amplification products.  If we don't have what you need in stock, we can check the inventory status of our distributor in Los Angeles, and ship from there.  Even if we have to order from Dieation.comzel Germany, you can have your product inside of 40 days. 

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