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All Diezel Amplification cabinets are now "HAND MADE IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA".

New: Extended speaker options.

Diezel offers a selection of highest quality cabinets, suitable for many styles. The 4 x 12" and 2 x 12" cabinets are available in either rear or front loaded speaker styles.  Front loaded speaker choices are the Celestion Vintage 30 or the Celestion G12K-100.  Rear loaded speaker choices are the Celestion Vintage 30 or Celestion G12-65.

To give you an idea: front loaded cabs are tighter and more focused, a bit better suited for heavier styles. Rear loaded cabinets do sound a tad more round, less focused.

Have a look at the upper menu for detailed specs and pics of our cabinets - and some first shots from the new production plant in Dillingen.

Blues City Music is a proud stocking dealer of Diezel Amplification cabinets, but if for some reason we don't have your choice in stock, we can submit an order for you and get it very quickly.

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