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Soldano Custom Amplification speaker cabinets are extremely well made using the finest marine grade Russian Baltic Birch available.  All cabinets are made entirely in Seattle, Washington, and you have the choice of type, configuration, tolex color, grill cloth color, and with or without casters.

Soldano uses Eminence V12 16 ohm speakers and wire their 4x12" cabinets in 16 ohms, and their 2x12" cabinets in 8 ohms. 

The Eminence V12 speaker is very similar in tone to the Celestion V30, but without the inherent mid scoop and high end spike. 

Standard tolex colors are black, black and white snake, red, purple, orange, creme, and white.  If your tolex choice is not in stock, call us and we'll give you the details on how to find that color, drop ship to Soldano, and have your cabinet made JUST LIKE YOU WANT.

Blues City Music is proud to be THE LARGEST STOCKING DEALER of Soldano Custom Amplification products IN THE WORLD and carry a large number of cabinets in stock; however, if your choice isn't in stock, we can submit an order for you and get it very quickly.


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