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Why did Blues City Music, LLC., choose ThroBak Pickups as our first choice for guitar pickups? 

That's an easy answer.  Jon Gundry, ThroBak's owner eats, sleeps, and breathes iconic pickups from the "Glory Days".  He owns four, that's right FOUR of the original Kalamazoo Michigan, Gibson Guitar manufacturing plant pickup winders.  He purchased these from the Les Paul estate. 

I personally own a museum grade COMPLETELY ORIGINAL 1961 Gibson Les Paul with PAF humbuckers.  This guitar was built in early January 1961.  I contacted Jon about building a custom set of his ESG-102B low output PAF style pickups that matched these PAF's to go into my main player a 2006 Tom Anderson Cobra S.  What I received from ThroBak was the finest set of modern PAF's that I've ever encountered in all regards concerning tone, feel, articulation, and build quality.  Because of this, I decided to come on board as an authorized ThroBak dealer so I could provide my own customers with the same type experience. 

If we don't have what you want in stock, we can get it for you in 7 days and drop ship straight to your front door.  Stop chasing tone and waiting months for your pickups.  Get them NOW at Blues City Music, LLC., install them, and then Turn It UP. 

Lynn Burke's original 1961 Gibson Les Paul with PAF's.

Lynn Burke's 2006 Tom Anderson Cobra S with Throbak ESG-102B custom winds installed.  Bridge is an A5 magnet at 7.4 ohms, and the Neck is an A2 magnet at 7.5 ohms.



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Jon Gundry PhotoJon Gundry Owner of ThroBak
I started ThroBak Electronics in Grand Rapids Michigan in 2002 as a small boutique effect pedal and pickup maker. With a commitment to USA made quality applied to every detail, ThroBak has now grown to become the premier P.A.F. and P-90 pickup reproduction maker in the world.

For me, attention to detail and quality comes from a long family tradition of violin making and musical performance. Whether it was at my grandfather’s workbench being shown how to re-hair a violin bow as a boy or today making P.A.F. reproduction pickups, I’m still guided by the knowledge that focus on every detail is the key to making tonal tools that will inspire musicians.

I’m sometimes asked by customers and competitors why we use vintage winding machines from the Kalamazoo factory and why we make our own parts in the USA? From my perspective, it’s like having a chance to make a violin with the same tools, templates and forms that belonged to Stradivari. Or being able to fell trees from the same Carpathian forest that the master once walked. They are priceless resources and at ThroBak we nurture these same resources to make our reproduction pickups.

When we wind a pickup in the ThroBak shop it is on the very machines that once sat in the Kalamazoo factory in the 1950’s. All of the quirks of the machines and how they affect the pickup wind are right there in front of the pickup maker, like they were for the original pickup makers in Kalamazoo. It’s part of the pickups we make at ThroBak.

Here in Michigan I use many of the same shops that made parts in the 50’s for Gibson. When I explain to these shops how I make a reproduction pickup and what I need, they get it on a gut level because they were the originators of the vintage part. You won’t find that experience and knowledge overseas. These parts are in every ThroBak pickup.

ThroBak P.A.F. reproductions are made with the exact same materials and cosmetics as the vintage collectable. ThroBak parts are made to vintage specs. with ThroBak tooling. We do this because years of exhaustive research, both technical and historical, have taught us that this is the best way to reproduce a legend. It all comes together in a reproduction pickup that we feel is unmatched in tone and details.

I’m lucky to have a small team of craftsmen here at ThroBak that share my commitment to quality and craft. And every time we hear from a satisfied customer or play our own guitars at a gig we are reminded why the details matter.

Jon Gundry
Owner of ThroBak Electronics

ThroBak Electronics, located in Grand Rapids Michigan, was established in 2002 to bring the best of vintage tone back to the guitar player of today. Through our lines of vintage inspired effects and period accurate pickups, the ThroBak team is committed to making the highest quality, USA made effects and pickups possible. ThroBak believes that delivering the highest quality every time is what customers expect and deserve. We work every day to deliver on this promise by making tonal tools that inspire us and our customers.


The following is included with every pickup order.