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There are only 2 major manufacturers of vacuum tubes in production today that are available for electric guitar and bass amplifiers.  Many other companies "relabel" these tubes with their own logo, but a few of them like Tube Amp Doctor, ARS, and Mesa Boogie do extensive testing and matching before boxing and shipping to the customer. 

1.  The JJ/Tesla plant founded in Czechoslovakia, has been around since the 1920's but are now building in the Slovak Republic.

2.  The Xpo-pul plant in Saratov, Russia, builds for Mike Matthews, CEO of Electro Harmonix.  He has the rights to Sovtek, Tung-Sol, Genelux, Electro Harmonix, Svetlana, and Mullard.

*** The JSC., or Winged C plant ceased operations in January 2014.  They really made fantastic tubes, but it appears that this facility has been reallocated and will no longer be in the vacuum tube busines.  ***

*** The Chinese plants making Sino China and Shuangan burned and it doesn't appear that they are rebuilding this factory. ***


Blues City Music, LLC., has a wide variety of pre amp, output, and rectifier vacuum tubes in stock in our store front.  We have stock from Tube Amp Doctor, Mesa Boogie, ARS, JJ, Groove Tubes, Sovtek, PM Valves, Sino/China, and Tung-Sol. 

Prices for TAD / Tube Amp Doctor tubes include a 17% Value Added Tax for import into the United States of America from Germany and a 25% Value Added Tax for import into the United States of America from China.