Shield blueInstrument Insurance by Anderson Musical
We Encourage You to Protect Your Instrument & Equipment Against Life's Perils
Why Anderson Musical?
Blues City Music has arranged for Anderson Musical to bring our U.S. customers valuable information about helping to protect your purchase against loss, theft, and accidental damage. Since 1983, the team at Anderson has been providing consumers with high quality insurance coverage and care. As the leading musical instruments insurance provider, Anderson offers stand-alone insurance designed specifically for instruments and musicians. Coverage is comprehensive and even allows you to get an accidentally damaged instrument fixed at a repair shop of your choice - with Anderson covering the bill. Insuring your new purchase from Blues City Music with Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance is quick and easy.
It's time for some peace of mind!
Why Instrument Insurance?
This coverage goes above and beyond what a warranty or your typical homeowner's or renter's insurance policy would cover.
Paid Performance
Accidental Damage
* Terms vary widely across insurance carriers and policy types.
The content of this page is provided by Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC. Blues City Music is not a licensed agent of Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC and does not sell or recommend insurance. Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC is an alternative to other insurance companies you may be considering. Any coverage is subject to acceptance by the insurer and to policy terms and conditions.