1965 pre CBS/Transition Fender Black Face Vibro Champ

This 1965 pre CBS/Transition Fender Black Face VIbro Champ is a very nice amp is excellent shape.  It has the original speaker, but as an OEM dealer for Jensen speakers, I also have a Jensen MOD 8" speaker in 4 ohms to go with the sale of this amp.  This way you can spare the original speaker that is 53 years old, and simply use the Jensen MOD instead.  Simple to change. 

It has a 3 prong plug installed, and it has an original RCA NOS 5Y3 rectifier tube installed.  The single 6V6 and 12AX7 are both modern JJ/Tesla's. 

Vibrato pedal is not included as it didn't come with the amp when I bought it.  Vibrato sounds great though.  Any after market or Fender single button Vibrato pedal will work flawlessly with this amp. 

The date codes for the choke and tranny are 1965, week 13 and week 40, so this is shortly after the Fender sale to CBS in January 1965.  The chassis code also matches and shows it's a 1965.



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