Soldano Super Lead Overdrive (SLO-100) with Depth Mod and 1/2 Power Switch

The 100 Watt SUPER LEAD OVERDRIVE set not only the standard, but the benchmark, for high-gain tube amp overdrive & distortion.

While setting that standard (we’ve been told) we created a modern classic.  Unchanged in over twenty years, the SLO’s remarkable sound, award-winning innovative design, and flawless construction make it simply the finest amplifier money can buy.  And the SLO’s tone, construction, and reliability have made it the heart and soul of many of Rock, Metal, and Electric Blues’ most creative and celebrated players.  It’s because of this that you’ve been hearing the SLO 100 on your favorite records since 1987.  From Clapton to Van Halen, from Warren DeMartini to Lou Reed – and from you to Mike Soldano himself, the SLO is simply the player’s choice.

The SLO-100 offers two channels, Normal and Overdrive, each with independent Preamp gain and Master Volume controls.  A footswitch is also provided for effortless noise-free switching between the two channels.  The Normal channel has a Bright switch and a Clean / Crunch gain selector switch.  Standard features include a tube-buffered effects loop and a slave output.  Bass, Middle, Treble, and Presence controls provide the tone shaping.  A rotary Impedance selector switch allows the use of 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker cabinets.

As is standard with every Soldano amp, the SLO features a specially-designed transformer built right here in the USA, and is assembled using only the finest military grade components.  We proudly stand by every SLO we build, this is why we offer a transferable limited lifetime warranty.

The Depth option is a resonance control for frequencies below the Bass settings and is available on either channel. 

This half power switch is a true half power switch versus a pentode/triode switch.  This switch cuts the inside 2 output tubes out of the circuit allowing for 50 watts via the outside 2 tubes, while removing those 2 tubes would do the exact same thing.

You will see about 1 - 1.2 knob increase on the master volume settings at half power versus what you would see with 100 watts.  Book answer is to cut the impedance to 50% less for your cabinet load if you use half power, (16 ohms to 8, 8 ohms to 4 etc.) but Mike Soldano says that isn't necessary with his amps.  Use your ears and see what you like.  Half power will also sound a little bit more vintage with a very slight increase in sag versus 100 watts. 

MSRP $5,400
Power:  100 watts
Two Channel Head with Tube Buffered Effects Loop
Weight:  50 lbs.
Size:  9.5″H x 25″W x 9.5″D
Preamp Tubes:  Five 12AX7 / ECC83












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