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Blues City Music LLC is a proud stocking dealer for Knaggs Guitars. 

We looked for many years before deciding on a boutique electric guitar product line, and we are thrilled with what the Knaggs team is building.  Superior craftsmanship, amazing tones, and a rock solid logistical presence that provides the very best for both dealer and consumer. 

Knaggs Guitars.  The Best.


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Knaggs Guitars was founded in 2009 by World renowned designer and Luthier Joe Knaggs and Marketer Peter Wolf.

All designs/creations except Artist Signature models are named after Native Indian river names in North-America.

Wood & Materials are carefully selected and processes are state-of the art. A skilled team of experienced senior guitar builders are making sure the end result is as good as it can possibly be: creating the finest instruments and providing the best tools for players and guitar aficionados.

Everyone at Knaggs guitars is a highly skilled professional – together we have over 150 years of experience in creating extraordinary instruments.

We look forward to building one for you!

Blues City Music LLC has 6 guitars coming for the initial order.  They will be here ASAP, but remember, we can order ANYTHING you want and the build time is only 10-12 weeks.  You won't see that anywhere else in this industry. 


Erick Steckel in the Blues City Music LLC "Room of Doom" amplifier demo room.


Scott Sudbury (Almost Famous, Solo), Lynn Burke (Blues City Music LLC owner), Eric Steckel (World Famous Blues Artist)

Knaggs Guitars - Moments in time - part 1