About Us

Welcome to Blues City Music located in the Memphis, Tennessee area, which is the birthplace of Rock and Roll and Delta Blues. We are so glad to have you stop by for a visit, and sincerely appreciate your time and patronage.

Blues City Music's boutique sales floor and live performance store front is located in the heart of Cordova, Tennessee, an eastern suburb of Memphis, at 8014 Club Center Drive, Suite 12, Cordova, Tennessee, 38016.  We have flexible hours so be sure to give us a call in advance.  We will gladly make every effort to satisfy your needs. 


Here is our new store front sign, so look for the BCM logo and come on in.



We are also partnered as well with legendary American Recording Studio in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee.

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We only sell what we consider to be the VERY BEST products money can buy from manufacturer’s such as Soldano Custom Amplification, Diamond Amplification, Friedman Amplification, Diezel Amplification, Matchless Amplifiers, Louis Electric Amplifiers; Zemaitis Guitars, Diamond Guitars, Diamond Tactical gig bag products, Seagull Acoustic Guitars, Traveler Guitars; Lava cables; Solid Cables, George L’s instrument and speaker cabinet cables; ZVEX, Soldano, Diamond, Friedman, Diezel, Creation Audio Labs effects pedals, Fat Tone Pickups; Levy's custom guitar straps; Kyser Capos; Vic Firth Drum Sticks; V-Picks; and American DJ LED stage lighting, as well as various other guitar and amplifier parts.

Blues City Music is a proud NAMM member as well as an A+ rated Better Business Bureau company so when you buy from us, you are receiving a customer service unlike anything you have seen from online, brick and mortar, or big box chains. This applies before, during, and after the sale, as our goal is making sure you get exactly what you need, not what we may have in stock. It also applies to customers just calling in with questions or concerns with their current rigs or potential purchases, so give us a call and find out for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

James has been a guitar player since 1976 and like many of you, makes his primary living outside of the music business. He is currently a Boeing 777 Captain/Check Airman for FedEx Express, and has been employed there since 1981. When not flying or running Blues City Music, he is also very active with his Southern Rock band in Memphis, Tennessee, called  the "House of Melody Band", so he totally understands what you are trying to do with your own product needs.

Lynn Burke in one FedEx Express's Boeing 777F aircraft.

General Electric's GE90-115B 777F engine produces 127,900 foot pounds of thrust.  This engine is 135 inches in diameter. 

Lynn Burke playing Gary Usher Jr.'s original 1955 Gibson Les Paul with original 1958 Gibson PAF pickups during a jam night at Judge Roy Bean's in Simi Valley, California.

Lynn's one off Soldano SLO-100 5 option head with a one off "A" Alabama Crimson Tide logo'd head shell.

Lynn's one off Soldano SLO-100 head built exactly like the first 10 SLO's in late 1986 with only a Crunch and Overdrive channel.  No shared Clean channel.  It is equipped with hard nickel chrome transformer bell covers and Cinch preamp tube shields, DC heaters, one off Regency blue powder coated chassis with custom labeling, Diamond Amplification Spec Op blue LED light system, clear coated hardware, and white elephant tolex.  The Surf Box is the very last one ever made in US voltages.  It is a 2 space +4db rack unit spring reverb, tremolo, and vibrato unit.

Lynn's one off Diamond Amplification Spitfire II 100 watt head in AAAA flame maple head shell.  Dean B. Zelinsky, former CEO of Dean Guitars and DBZ, built this head shell for Lynn.  This amp was a center piece for the Diamond Amplification NAMM booth several years ago. 

Back Line at Blues City Music for jam nights.

American Recording Studios, in the heart of downtown Memphis, Tennessee.