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After months of research, Blues City Music, LLC., has come on board with Calton Cases of Austin, Texas, as one of their newest dealers.

Calton Cases makes some of the FINEST ATA road cases money can buy.  That's a fact.

The big difference is you won't be getting that traditional black and silver rectangular, extremely heavy road case that breaks your back whey you carry it, and won't fit in your car without tearing something up.  These traditional flight cases belong on an 18 wheeler bouncing up and down Interstate 40, or in the belly of some commercial airliner.  Calton Cases on the other hand are precisely made using fiberglass via modern state of the art CNC milling equipment via your own submitted measurements form.  This way there will be NO mistakes. 

Calton Cases are triple hand laminated with fiberglass, NOT shot with a chopper gun.  Hand lamination is the only way too go, and when they are done with the outer shell including the color of your choice via gel coat, they secure everything with almost 100 rivets / backing plates. 

Normal build time is 4 weeks but with an additional $200, you can receive yours in 2 weeks whenever possible. 

Contact Blues City Music, LLC, for further details and help with designing your own case for your own instrument. Hot links are included on this page for .pdf downloadable forms to measure your instrument. 

You wanted the best, well, you got it.


Calton Cases - NONE BETTER:


Calton Cases building the molds for your guitar:


Calton Cases sizing your guitar with CNC precision:

This guitar below is owned by James L. Burke III - Blues City Music, LLC. - Owner.  It is a completely original, museum grade, Gibson 1961 Les Paul with PAF pickups and sideways vibrola built in early January 1961.  Calton Cases is building a custom case to house this guitar for James, and of course the exterior will be crimson and the interior will be black as James is a financial booster for the University of Alabama football team, Crimson Tide Foundation.  What better endorsement than to have an instrument of this quality housed in a product line BCM is selling. 

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Calton Cases Measurement Forms - Download and complete



Calton has many molds to fit a variety of instruments. Calton has 100’s of templates that have been created using instrument measurements and tracings. If they don’t have a template for your instrument, they’ll ask you to help provide these measurements.  This assures that each case is custom fit to your instrument. This is what Calton is known for over the past 50 years, a perfect fit in an extremely rugged case. Without giving away too many secrets, here is how Calton does it:

  1. The exterior shell is hand-laid fiberglass which builds the durable tops, bottoms and side walls of each case.
  1. The fiberglass shell is trimmed. Latches, bumpers, protective feet and a custom leather handle are added.
  1. The interior is built from flexible foam and velvet using templates.
  1. The case is cleaned inside and out.
  1. We have 6 quality control inspection points. Every square inch of your case is looked over, making sure it is ready for you. We add your label with serial number and ship it to you.


The Calton Cases Warranty only covers manufacturer defects. Calton will however make every effort to repair damaged cases, estimates available upon request.

Run over your case with a cargo van? It’s been done! While Calton can’t cover for the repair of physical or accidental damage to a case, they will be happy to assess your case and make every effort to get you back on the road.



Calton Cases - Tough Test Video: