Blues City Music is proud to offer various guitar pickups, instrument and speaker cables, speakers, V Picks, and Blues City Music T Shirts etc.  Give us a call or send us an email with any questions you may have in regards to availability.  We can then give you a good price and discuss your shipping needs. 


We carry the following:


- Creation Audio Labs - Holy Fire, MK 4.23, and Redeemer guitar products.

- Speakers - Eminence V12 Legends, Celestion G12 H30, Vintage 30, Jensen Black Bird, Electric Lightning, NEO, and Warehouse Guitar Speakers Black Hawk.

- V Picks - We carry a large variety of V Picks for all types of playing styles, metal, classic rock, jazz, and acoustic.

- Fat Tone Pickups - We still have a good supply of Fat Tone Pickups available in humbucker, P90, full size P90, single coil, and bass pickups.

- T Shirts - We have a good supply of Blues City Music logo shirts in both ladies and mens sizes.






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