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Soldano Custom Amplification has been solely owned and operated by Michael J. Soldano Jr., of Seattle, Washington, since its inception in 1986. From the beginning, Soldano has been making the finest vacuum tube driven, hi gain guitar amplifiers that money can buy as evidenced by the hundreds of major label recording artists that not only tour but record with his amplifiers.  

The flagship of Soldano is the legendary Super Lead Overdrive (SLO-100). Major label artists such as Eddie Van Halen, George Lynch, Mick Mars, Warren DeMartini, Warren Haynes, Gary Moore, and Stevie Ray Vaughan etc., have all sang the praises about how amazing this amplifier is. Many of these players still use their SLO-100 today, and NOT ONE of them has ever been paid an endorsement, as Mike has always said, “you have to pay to play”.

When you start with a custom milled chassis, chassis mounted military grade components, double sided extra thick PCB boards, and a quality build unheard of in any market, you won’t find a better made amplifier anywhere. 

All other Soldano amplifiers are based upon the SLO-100 whether using the Normal channel (Clean or Crunch) circuit, or the legendary Overdrive circuit, and can easily adapt to any situation you may have regardless of genre’, wattage, size, or aesthetics.

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