As most of you know I have been Mike Soldano's largest dealer for almost 17 years.  I really enjoyed this period and had a great time putting fabulous customers into some of the coolest guitar amplifier rigs ever seen.  Wonderful friendships also blossomed with this arrangement, and I will surely miss seeing Mike, Russ, Don, and Bill, but for now, it's time for me to move on. 

Mike sold Soldano Custom Amplification to Boutique Amps Distribution in Los Angeles, California, and this won't work for me.  BAD handles my Diezel and Friedman dealerships as well, and I haven't been very happy with these results.

So as of 26 January 2019, I terminated my Soldano dealership with Boutique Amps Distribution and wish them all well.  It's been a great ride, but I'm moving in another direction not so heavily involved with just guitar amplification. 

Thanks for your understanding.  Turn It Up.

Lynn Burke / Blues City Music, LLC.


Blues City Music LLC owner, Lynn Burke's 2 Soldano SLO-100's.  The top one is a 2013 one off, and the bottom is #88026 originally built for Judas Priest.  Bill Sundt completely restored this amp back to complete originality.


Blues City Music interviews Michael J. Soldano Jr. HD video:


Michael J. Soldano Jr. describes his Soldano Museum HD video:


Soldano SLO-100 Effects Loop Mod by Michael J. Soldano Jr. video:


Mike Soldano's car collection:


Mike Soldano's machine shop:

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