Guitar / Bass / Ukulele Strings

Blues City Music is proud to offer our customers FOUR amazing choices for the replacement of fretted instrument strings. 

Stringjoy Strings, Black Diamond Strings, DR Strings, and D'Addario are all proudly made in the USA, and we consider these companies to be the very best representatives of what a string company should be. 

We will be offering many different choices in size and composition for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, and Ukulele.

Give us a call, message us here, or send us an email for any questions or orders. 


Stringjoy Strings:



Making Guitar Strings at Stringjoy

Great guitar strings start with great materials, and at Stringjoy we use only the best. Our high-carbon steel core wire is drawn to exacting tolerances right here in Tennessee. We source our wrap wire from different drawers depending on the material type and the particular strengths of each source, but the vast majority of our wrap wire is also sourced from within a 150-mile radius of our Nashville shop.

Every spool of wire is inspected for gauge accuracy, strength and finish quality when it gets to our shop. Even though we only work with drawers that do consistently excellent work, when it comes to our strings we leave nothing to chance.


Black Diamond Strings:

Black Diamond Strings is currently made in Santa Rosa, California, 60 miles north of San Francisco.  This company has had a very long history which has allowed them to develop what they consider to be the finest strings available.


DR Strings:



DR Handmade Strings was founded in 1989 by Mark Dronge, son of Guild Guitars founder Alfred Dronge, and Dr. Benzion Rapoport. DR is an all American family owned business that is known for its hand craftsmanship and referred to in advertisements as "The Handmade String".


D'Addario Strings:



D'Addario strings have been a staple in the world of fretted instruments for many many generations.  Proudly made on Long Island in New York, D'Addario is still a family run business and always will be.