Guitar / Bass / Ukulele Strings

Blues City Music LLC carries a large variety of electric guitar, bass, acoustic, and ukulele strings.  Be sure to let us know what size, type, and manufacturer you like, and we will do all we can to fulfill that order.

We are an authorized dealer for Black Diamond Strings, DR Strings, and D'Addario Strings.


Black Diamond Strings:

Welcome to Black Diamond Strings.

Black Diamond Strings has a rich heritage. Black Diamond has been making instruments sound their very best since 1890. With a variety of metal alloy to fit all players needs, we invite you to try Black Diamond Strings. We encourage you to be part of our endorsement family.
Just ask your older brother, your uncle, your father, or even your grandparents. Chances are, they played Black Diamond and can tell you some great stories. It’s a fact... if there’s music in the roots of your family tree, there’s a Black Diamond story resting in the branches. A lot has changed in string manufacturing since then. Today, we have sophisticated winders, stronger materials, and greater technology to utilize. But yes, Black Diamond Strings is the same brand that played a big part in the lives of prior generations.
DR Strings:




We use only the finest American materials starting with the wire, to the ball ends, to the packaging. 

When someone sees the DR logo, that is what they are getting, the best of everything.

When you put DR strings on a guitar, you’re not only looking for the response of a fresh string,

you’re looking to hear something extra that you didn’t hear before, and that’s our goal…to give you more.

DR was born from guitars. Al Dronge, the founder of Guild Guitars, always wanted to add a string making facility. 

Mark Dronge took the lessons he learned from his father and applied them to DR. 


D'Addario Strings:

Since 1905 D'Addario Strings has been one of the world's leading innovator in the research and design of guitar, bass, and countless other stringed instruments.  Multi generational company proudly making strings in USA.