Blues City Music is very proud to be an authorized Matchless Amplifiers dealer.  We've always recognized Matchless as the finest Class A guitar amplifier ever made thanks to an amazing choice of components, layout, circuit, quality control, and especially, how it cuts through any mix. 

Lynn Burke, Blues City Music's owner, proudly owns a vintage 1994 Matchless DC30 2x12" combo serial #2453 with 1/2 power switch and effects loop in black tolex and silver grille.  He has this amp in the vintage room of his store front, American Recording Studio, in Memphis, Tennessee.  It is used for recording and local gigs. 

Matchless Amplifiers was founded in 1989 with a simple philosophy: Build the best, most versatile amplifier possible. Built and designed by professional musicians for professional musicians, Matchless amplifiers live up to their name. Our mission is and has always been to build the best sounding, most durable amp on the market.

Matchless amplifiers and extension cabinets are all point-to-point hand wired by our staff in Los Angeles, California using the best materials available.

Various artists that use Matchless Amplifiers:

Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Billy Gibbons, Alice in Chains, Brooks and Dunn, Peter Frampton, Sonny Landreth, Derek Trucks, Zac Brown, Joe Perry, Jimmy Vaughan, Brian May, etc.

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Specifications for ESD 2x12" cabinet:
  • 60 Watt
  • 4 Ohms
  • Customized Celestion G12H30 and Celestion 12M Greenback
  • 1/4" Jack
  • 45 lbs.
  • 21 x 27 x 10.5

 Specifications for ESS 1x12" cabinet:

 Specifications for ES-412 4x12" cabinet:

  • 120 Watts
  • 1/4" Jack
  • 2 x Customized Celestion Heritage G12H30 and 2 x Celestion 12” G12M Greenbacks
  • 8 Ohms
  • 83 lbs
  • 29 x 29 x 10.5