Guitar & Amp Repairs

Blues City Music is proud to offer stringed instrument as well as electric guitar and bass amplifier service and repairs. 

Lynn Burke, Blues City Music's owner uses these companies routinely for all of his own personal service and repair. 

Give us a call or reach out to us via any social media outlet, and we will gladly handle all of your issues with service or repair. 


Mike Stoker Guitar Repairs:

Mike Stoker has been doing instrument repairs for a very long time.  He has owned a large store front, worked full time as a luthier with various local music stores, and has operated as a free lance luthier.  He is a true craftsman in every sense of the word and totally gets what customer service entails.  You will be thoroughly impressed with his service and repair as he is also a gigging bass player with the band "Altered" here in Memphis and knows how important instrument repairs can be.  "Altered" is signed by a very good indie recording label that successfully toured Europe last year.


1974 Martin D35 repairs:


 1994 Gibson acoustic repairs:



Musical Instruments Service Company:

This company has been doing amplifier repairs for many years.  Both Mike and Mark are serious trouble shooters that can service any vintage tube driven amp, modern transistor device, or MIDI switching system.  DJ systems?  Stage lighting?  PA mixers?  Turn tables?  No problem, fast and done right the first time. 

We even had a brand new Diezel Herbert, 180 watt guitar amplifier destroyed in shipping to a customer.  BCM took back receipt of this amp, and 4 hours later, Mike and Mark had this amplifier ROCKING hard again.  We can't resell it after a shipping claim, but we sure enjoy letting it rip loudly in our shop.  It's perfect again.

Let Blues City Music handle all of your instrument, amplifier, and equipment service and repairs.