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Blues City Music owner, Lynn Burke, plays guitar in two different bands these days; House of Melody Band, and the Black Canyon Band.

House of Melody Band is a hard charging Southern Rock band based out of Memphis, Tennessee.  We specialize in doing charitable fund raising events at medium to large outdoor festivals.  In 2012, we released our first EP titled, "Turn It Up", which featured our versions of four iconic Lynyrd Skynyrd songs.  As successful as that has become, the most important facet of this project is the continued support we provide via CD and download sales to the House of Melody School of Music Education also in Gravel Ridge, Arkansas.  Putting smiles on the faces of children and families participating in music programs has been amazing to see.  If not for the House of Melody Band, most of these classes wouldn't exist. 

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House of Melody Band's 2014 cover of Velvet Revolver's "Slither"





Black Canyon Band is a multi-faceted cover band based in Simi Valley, California, just north of Los Angeles.  We cover everything from the Pointer Sisters, the Ramones, Neil Young, Bad Company, and everything else in between, at a local house gig or private functions.  This band was founded by Gary Usher Jr., who comes from a long history in the music industry dating back to when his father, Gary Usher Sr., played in The Beach Boys and help start Elektra, Capitol, and RCA record companies.  Gary is also a true ambassador for Blues City Music as well as Soldano Custom Amplification where he runs either a Soldano 44 Blues City Music 1x12" combo and a matching 1x12" extension cabinet, or a Soldano Hot Rod 50+, with a matching 2x12" closed back cabinet, and a Space Box reverb rig. 

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