Diamond Tactical 10-6 CABLE/WAH POUCH



The 10-6 Cable/Wah Pouch meshes seamlessly with DT TACC-BAGS, pedal board bags, and duffels, providing an efficient storage solution for any environment. Ideal for both professional and recreational use, the 10-6 Cable/Wah Pouch offers secure storage for rolled cables, a wah and/or a volume pedal.  MOLLE web platform compatibility allows easy integration into your DT or MOLLE System products, and a molded zipper grip provides quick and reliable action. Perfect for holding cables, and not just your wah or volume pedal, but any other controller or expression pedal, or even simply just more cables!  With MOLLE System strapping on front, you can add an entire second layer to this pouch as well to add on any of our other DT pouches.


  • MOLLE 10-6 Cable/Wah Pouch
  • Integrates with TACC-BAGS, pedal board bags, and duffels
  • Large internal pocket for storing cables, wah or other pedals
  • Universal web platform compatibility
  • Molded zipper grip



  • Durable all-weather 1200D nylon
  • 6" H, 10" W, 4" D
  • Second level MOLLE System for additional pouch integration
  • YKK® zipper hardware

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