Diamond Amplification Phantom 100 Watt USA Made Tube Amplifier

$ 4,153.83

About Phantom

The Phantom, built to the same quality construction as all our products, has a more traditional high gain structure. Take that favorite head of yours you’ve had for the last two decades, inject steroids and decongestants and you’ve got the Phantom, one of the deadliest fighter jets in the last 30 years. It features a clean channel and two distinct high gain settings in Channel 2.

Ranging from 80’s style gain to all out ferocity, Channel 2 also features DA’s signature dual volume/gain design. This feature gives the player the option of having two gain settings (say for a rhythm and lead tone, or more gain for chunky heavy gain-style rhythms and less gain for more precision and clarity when playing more staccato style passages) that are accessible to him on the fly.

The Phantom features DA's signature "low focus" switch on the rear panel. The low focus switch provides 3 positions - low, mid, high. Moving from low to high focuses the low end relative to the mids and highs as well as creates an evenness across all the strings to the high E is not overrung by the low E.

The Phantom also features a real, correctly-designed effects loop. You don't need a foot switch; you don't have to push a button. Just plug a cable into the effects send and the loop activates. The loop is tube buffered and will not affect your tone.

The front panel features a master volume, which reads E. Return (effects return). When the loop is on, the E. Return knob acts as the amp's overall master - turn this knob up or down to increase or decrease the amps overall volume. When the loop is off, each channel's volume control acts as that channel's master volume.

Like all current and future Diamond Amplification products, the Phantom features the highest quality components and construction. Every component was selected and tested for this head. The Phantom uses 6 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4 EL34's for its power stage. Each part was personally spec'd and tested by us to ensure maximum performance and reliability, from the transformers to the switches and knobs.

The head features a hexagon pattern perforated metal grille made in 16-guage steel with a unique silver vein finish, and an accompanying black grille on the back of the exact shape and dimension, finished in black powder coating. Even the knobs are metal for look and feel. LED's are mounted in the box to give this head its distinctive green glow. Corner irons are included on every corner to add to the strength and stability of the box.

All its channels are foot-switchable from the Phantom's footswitch (connected with a stereo cable).

The Diamond Process

Diamond began with one goal--give the players the tone and features they need, with the durability necessary to stand up to the abuse of the road. Now Diamond is becoming the benchmark against which all other amplifiers are judged. Diamond’s iconic high-powered amplifiers have now paved the way for a top-down redesign of Class A and vintage redefined amplifiers, proving Diamond to be the all around choice for players of any class or genre.

Hand-crafted in Texas, Diamond builds amps one way - by hand and with the finest engineering available. Each amplifier goes through a 64 point quality control test to ensure reliability and consistency. Using only the finest components available, each amp is individually crafted to ensure you have the experience you want, an amp that delivers - every time - and is Guaranteed for Life.

Diamond products continue to occupy the summit of passionate desires and performance delivered to musicians worldwide as Diamond continues to reinvent what amplifiers should be. To own one is not just a privilege. It’s an invitation to both contentment and creation.

Diamond. It's what's on-stage.

Phantom Features

    • 100 watts (4 x EL34 - 6 x 12AX7)
    • 2 fully independent channels (Channel 1 - Clean/Channel 2 - Crunch)
    • Both Channels feature Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence
    • Dual Volume/Gain Channel 2 (switchable, allows for two gain settings with 2 volumes for level adjustment to match volumes)
    • Rear panel low frequency 3-position adjustment switch (allows for changing the amount and character of the bottom end - effects both channels)
    • 2 button footswitch included for access to Ch 1/2 or Ch2 A/B
    • Ohm selector switch for 4, 8 or 16ohm output.
    • Green LED's light the box for a distinctive look on stage, along with a unique silver vein front grille and etched zinc logo.
    • All components specifically spec'd and tested by Diamond before inclusion in the product.
    • Independent LED's indicate which volume/gain is active and whether the boost is engaged.
    • Properly designed, tube-driven effects loop (shorting jack so the loop will automatically engage when cables are plugged in and disengage when cables are removed).
    • Front panel Effects Return control that acts as an overall master when loop is engaged for quick overall volume adjustment.


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