House of Melody - Free Bird - 12" - 180 gram - vinyl LP

House of Melody is proud to present their latest project "Free Bird" in 12" 180 gram vinyl LP.

This project took 27 months to complete from pre production until the Dolby Atmos and vinyl LP was launched.  Recorded at Red House Studios in Gravel Ridge, Arkansas; American Recording Studio in Memphis, Tennessee; Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals; Alabama, and Avon Studios in Hong Kong, China. 

House of Melody would like to thank David Gicking, Brad Dunn, Jason Gillespie, and Jason Latshaw at American Recording Studio in Memphis, Tennessee for their continued support, as well as their dear friend Emily Lazar of the Lodge in White Plains, New York for her amazing talents with the stem mixing and mastering.  She completed 7 masters for 16 bit and 24 bit HD digital download, vinyl LP, and Dolby Atmos.  There is NO ONE better.  She ROCKS. 

House of Melody NEVER uses software amplifier plug ins, modeling amps, profiling amps, backing tracks, electric drums, auto tune, Melodyne, attenuators, cabinet simulators, or pedals with any of their recordings.  It's old school plug and play, LOUD rock and roll with ANALOG equipment, the way it used to be done. Welcome back to the past. 

Now Turn It Up !!!  They do. 


Free Bird:

A Side, labeled HOM FB 1:

1.  Free Bird - 9:57

2.  Simple Man - 6:41


B Side, labeled HOM FB 2:

1.  Needle and the Spoon - 4:06

2.  Saturday Night Special - 5:15

3.  Tuesday's Gone - 7:44


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