Diamond Tactical Med/Crash Kit




The Med/Crash Kit meshes seamlessly with DT TACC-BAGS, pedal board bags, and duffels, providing a quick and efficient first aid solution for any environment. Ideal for both professional and recreational use, the Med/Crash Kit offers multiple internal mesh pockets that keep your emergency accessories ready and available.  MOLLE web platform compatibility allows easy integration into your DT or MOLLE System products, and a molded zipper grip provides quick and reliable action. Perfect for holding extra strings, string winder, screwdriver, multi-tool, Allen wrenches, wire cutters and all the necessary field first aid tools to keep your guitar battle-ready.  If you need a fast and efficient guitar first-aid, look no further than the Med/Crash Kit.


  • MOLLE Med/Crash Kit
  • Integrates with TACC-BAGS, pedal board bags, and duffels
  • Internal mesh pockets sized for perfect for strings and related tools
  • Universal web platform compatibility
  • Molded zipper grip



  • Durable all-weather 1200D nylon
  • 6" H, 6" W, 4" D
  • Separated internal pockets
  • YKK® zipper hardware


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