Mesa Boogie Switch Track ABY

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We’re famous for making versatile amplifiers but even MESA® fans will agree, with the many Series we make, each uniquely voiced and different, it can be hard to choose. Sometimes your mood or a gig demands a specific character or set of features you’ve grown to love, or a certain favorite with a sound or feel you find nowhere else. Maybe you’ve considered the expressive power of having two amps on tap but didn’t have a way to facilitate using them together? Considered a Dual Rectifier® and Mark V® for example… talk about covering the complete spectrum! And even aside from that type of arsenal, everyone can appreciate the benefit of having an instant back-up amp on a footswitch for gigs.

Whatever the scenario, we now have you covered with the most comprehensive solution available for switching between amplifiers. Introducing the Head-Track™ Head Switcher and Switch-Track™ ABY.

Whether your application is performance, instantly selecting between your favorite amps at home, or creating a one button solution in case of a failure on the gig, these professional switching devices are made with the same quality parts in the same Petaluma, CA Facility as our Award-winning amplifiers and will provide years of rugged service.




The Switch-Track™ enables an either-or-both, ABY scenario for your two favorite amplifiers. Select between two different amplifiers, two identical amps for more Channels and sonic options or combine them for a bigger, fuller sound, or a specific blended character.

The INPUT is buffered to prevent signal loss due to increased loading when both amplifiers are engaged. Both OUTPUTS are transformer isolated for consistent tone and provide unbalanced or balanced signals for longer than normal cable runs. The “B” OUTPUT’s Ground is default-lifted to eliminate Ground loops. 

Other valuable features include an “always on” low impedance TUNER OUT jack, a GROUND LIFT switch for isolating the A Output (B is always isolated), a PHASE invert switch (which is also MIDI controllable) for the “B” Output’s Phase relation to the “A” Output, MIDI IN and THRU DIN jacks and a Midi Preset (Program) STORE button.  Two on-board Foot switch Buttons offer A/B and A+B/MUTE.


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