Mezzabarba Trinity Head - 100 Watts


100 watts of pure, in-your-face guitar tone in a modern, midi controllable, 3 channel amp. Dedicated to Modern sounds, from crystal clear Clean, through a classic punchy Crunch, to High Gain Nirvana. Finally the best of the MZero and the Z Series in a single amp that offers the full range of the incredible tones available from Mezzabarba.

Three Versatile Channels

Channel 1
This channel is all about tonal definition and is a perfect balance between our Z Series and the MZero. It produces a transparent, authentic clean tone that is both warm and brilliant at the same time and with harmonic overtones to die for. With the boost engaged you can go for American/British classy crunch, with tons of dynamic and punch.

Channel 2
What stands out the most is the explosive dynamics this channel offers. This channel can range from a “bitey” mild distortion to that sought after vintage, harmonic rich crunch a là AC/DC that is so hard to find anymore, until a brutal hot-rodded tone you can have with the boost engaged.

Channel 3
Hot, defined and ballsy is the only way to describe it. Fluid, saturated distortions that are dripping in harmonics. From a perfect crunch to a searing lead tone, this channel features a boost switch for two different voicings, one for Rhythm definition, one for smoothest and fullest Solo Parts. The 3rd channel will take you to distortion bliss.

Features and technical specifications

• Dedicated to Modern sounds, from crystal clear Clean, through a classic punchy Crunch, to High Gain Nirvana
• 3 channel head: Clean, Drive and Overdrive – for 24 different sounds + FX Loop, all programmable.
• A total of 48 different settings with 128 presets
• Every channel has Boost, Bright, Dual Master and FX Loop functions
• Preamp controls: Gain (Ch.1), Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume 1 – Drive (Ch.2), Overdrive (Ch.3), Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume 2, Volume 3
• Power Amp controls (Rear): Master 1 and Master 2, then Presence, Feedback and Depth for power amp overtones
• Tube effect loop, serial or parallel.
• Midi, programmable, PC and CC functions. 128 Presets. Midi In, Midi Thru, USB interface
• Custom Transformers by Onori
• Preamp tubes: 6 x 12AX7
• Power tubes: 4xEL34, 100W.
• Available custom options: SysEx Midi Footswitch, Parallel FX Loop, USB programmer

Dimensions: 62 x 24 x 24h cm
Weight: 19 Kg


Available additional options for this amplifier:

1.  Footswitch - $200.00

2.  Color tolex - $100.00


 Eric Steckel - Mezzabarba Trinity demo - at Blues City Music LLC

Eric Steckel - Mezzabarba Trinity Slide Guitar demo - at Blues City Music LLC

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