Mezzabarba Z35 Head - 45 Watts

Z35 Head

The Z35 head was inspired by the classics and boasts distinctive Mezzabarba tone. From sparkling clean to thick overdriven sounds, the pure tone of classic rock. Built around the idea of empowering your guitar with a warm and dynamic tone, rich harmonics, and our signature, fluid yet crunchy sound, the Z35 will open a new, vast array of possibilities in expressing your personal style. Thanks to its meticulous engineering, masterly handcrafting, and top-notch circuitry quality, the Z35 is incredibly reliable in both live and studio settings. It is ideal for use with or even without external effect pedals, as it is able to naturally deliver the ambience and depth of the most legendary guitar sounds we all love.

You may never in your life hear such perfection in an amp. It delivers tone that is so rewarding that you might well sacrifice your channel switching amp to own and experience the pure tone and soul of the Z Series range. The notes just ring out with uncanny dimension and girth. Voiced for blues, classic rock and hard rock, the player must ride his volume control to get from one level of gain / distortion to the next. Simplicity breeds depth!

Features e and technical specifications

  • Preamp tubes: 3 x 12AX7
  • Power Amp Tubes: 2 x EL34, 45Watt
  • No FX Loop.
  • Slave Out and Slave Level for Triamping.
  • Custom Options: Level (Master Volume).
  • Dimensions: 59 x 23 x 24h cm
  • Weight: 13,5 Kg.


Rock 100%
Blues 100%
Metal 70%
Pop 100%
Distortion 70%

Available additional options for this amplifier:
1.  Master Volume - $200.00
2.  FX Loop and Master Volume - $500
3.  Rectifier Tube - $200.00
4.  Trem/Vibrato - $800.00
5.  Color Tolex - $100

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