Solid Cables - ELEPH - speaker cable - Black

Let the true power of your amplifier be revealed.

The more efficiently an amplifier can work, the better it sounds, the longer the tubes last. Your output transformer is not fighting a tiny piece of wire to get to your speakers!

This cable gives your amp room to breathe, and a free path for all of your signal to travel as efficiently as possible. Amps become faster and more touch responsive with an Eleph™ plugged into it.

The Eleph™ speaker cable gives your amp its best tone pipeline.

We have taken the technology from million dollar sound reinforcement systems and extreme fidelity stereo and put it to work in your amplifier. Like all of the other cables we make, the Eleph™ Speaker cable is designed to be extremely durable on the road, and make all of your gear sound better.

We are the worlds first to make the innovation of using not only an ultra pure copper 10 gauge conductor, but one made up of different diameter strands to better carry the full frequency spectrum of sound that any amp is capable of making. The conductors are in a helical wind pattern to resist electrical and mechanical noise. We added all metal connectors that are the highest purity material in the industry, cover the outside with milspec grade armor, then connect the ends with audio grade solder that is used on million dollar recording consoles. lastly, we permanently isolate all conductors in an avionics grade adhesive to eliminate internal breakage, shorting or solder joint failure in high vibration environment.

The result is a speaker cable that acts like a transparent link between your amp and speaker cabinet. high current amplifiers, especially larger wattage ones, wake up in a big way after you plug an Eleph™ into it. Your amp has more dynamics, and faster response as its not fighting the wire any more. Like the Ultra, you can rely on it in the studio or on the road under the harshest conditions.

Like the Ultra and Beta cable, the level of work and detail involved in making this cable borders on the insane.


-High Quality all metal ends with milled metal backshells for supreme durability.
-Low Capacitance spec connector tips
-Helical Wound Ultra Pure Copper Conductor, muliple diameter
-Suspended Polymer Insulator
-Quadruple strain relief
-All metal shell
-6000 PSI tear resistant protective outer armor
-All contact surfaces atmospheric oxidation/contaminant cleaned and lubricated with audiophile grade metal preservative
-Armor and ends permanently fused together with avionics grade heatshrink
-Hand soldered using premium grade silver alloy solder
-Available in Carbon Black only
-All mechanical components chemically welded together for ultimate strength



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