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April 22, 2017


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LunaStone Overdrive pedals IN STOCK NOW !!!

Blues City Music is proud to announce that we have acquired an authorized dealership with LunaStone guitar effects pedals.  LunaStone is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, with facilities here in the USA.  They make some of the most dynamic and natural sounding overdrive pedals I've ever heard, but you might ask, well what experience do they have?  Great question.  I asked them this very same thing when I was introduced to them at the 2017 LA Winter NAMM show. 

Answer:  Most if not all of the executive management, distribution, research, and development etc., is handled by LunaStone associates whom were also at one time former employess within the T.C. Electronics company, up to and including CEO of US operations.  This means they totally understand all facets and logistical issues of a boutique manufacturing pedal company which has been very successful.

For you our customer, you will find six different styles of LunaStone overdrive pedals, from the micro pedal "The Pusher" all the way up to the multi faceted "Three Stage Rocket".  Everything you've ever dreamed about can be found in these pedals. 

Distribution from LA means that if we happen to be sold out of your pedal choice at that time, we can easily drop ship it straight to you from LA without delay.  I received my initial order of pedals within 4 days.

Blues City Music is your stop for boutique IN STOCK gear.  Give us a try, you'll be glad you stopped by. 

Lynn Burke - BCM Owner

Yes, big guitar amplifiers are selling now !!!

Just when you thought it was time to consider that digital practice or apartment sized guitar amplifier, or some sort of modeling or profiling device, I'm here to tell you that BIG 35 watt - 180 watt tube driven guitar amplifiers are IN FACT SELLING very well right now. 

Face it, after the newness wears off on that modeling or profiling amp as good as they may be, you realize that you only do this once.  Life is not a dress rehearsal.  Buy what you really want.  Play what you really want.  Enjoy that gorgeous guitar with the right amplifier.  Make inspirational music regardless of what genre' you dig.  After all, that's why we do this.  Enjoyment.

Blues City Music has 44 guitar amplifiers ON THE SALES FLOOR and LIVE VENUE BAND STAND every day of the week.  NO ONE touches what we do in guitar amplification.

Come see for yourself, but you will only see vacuum tube driven guitar amplifiers.  TURN IT UP....

Lynn Burke / BCM Owner

March 28, 2017


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Diamond Amplification 4x12" speaker cabinets / Diamond Guitars OHSC's IN STOCK NOW !!!

Great news from Houston, Texas.  The long awaited Diamond Amplification 4x12" speaker cabinets and Diamond Guitars original hard shell cases are IN STOCK NOW !!!  Buy on our website now and we will get them out ASAP.

James Burke

BCM - Owner

March 03, 2017


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Diamond Guitars Hard Shell Cases on the way !!!

Hello from Memphis.

i just received news from the CEO of Diamond Guitars, Jeff Diamant, that a large shipment of Diamond Guitars Original Hard Shell Cases is on the way even as I write.  Delivery date is expected to be 14 March 17' unless any US Customs issues present itself. 

I just updated my online inventory, but I know I'll get more Bolero, Maverick, Imperial, and Halcyon cases for sure, so have no worries.  All of you that have contacted us about these cases will be happy campers soon.

Keep Rocking and Turn It Up.

Lynn Burke - BCM Owner


February 19, 2017


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GREAT NEWS !!! ZVEX Effects boutique pedals on the way.

Hello from Blues City Music,

Great news today as we announce we are finalizing arrangements with Zack Vex and his boutique ZVEX Effects silk screened and custom hand painted pedals. 

We were a dealer many years ago when Zack started and really loved not only how cool they looked but how well they sounded, and now we are thoroughly excited to have his products on board again. 

Zack is NOT into replicating a particular iconic pedal, he builds his own unique tones for each pedal he sells, so no worries with that. 

As for specific tonal differences between the silk screened and hand painted pedals, fear not.  They are basically the very same pedal but the hand painted ones are serious works of art as well.  Here are a few cool designs.

Fabulous pedals at a very fair price.  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Lynn Burke / Blues City Music - Owner


January 27, 2017


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Blues City Music is now a Levy's Leathers Guitar Straps dealer

Hello from Memphis. 

Good news from Winter NAMM 2017.  BCM picked up another fine selection of Levy's Leather guitar straps.  So far we have a very wide selection, and looks like we will need to pick up some cool looking bass straps soon as well. 

No junk, these are the real deal.  Garment leather, suede leather, faux animal skin finishes, cloth, or woven styles and many with rubber strips on back so your guitar/bass won't slide.  Check out our website for the dedicated Levy's Straps page.  All straps shown are IN STOCK NOW. 

Thanks for stopping by and keep rocking LOUDLY.  TURN IT UP.

Lynn Burke

BCM - Owner


January 09, 2017


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Blues City Music new store front sign

Hello from Memphis.

Welcome to 2017.  We hope things are already going great for you. 

So how do you like the new sign I'm having custom built for BCM as I write?  5" thick letters in dark blue with all enclosed LED lighting, then 18" tall letters in white with light blue edging so it can be read at up to 700+ feet from the store.  Frank Balton Signs is building this for me, and it should be done in under 3 weeks.  Now it will be simple to find BCM even when driving down busy Germantown Parkway.

Blues City Music's store front is alive and well.  All of our inventory is in the shop right now, plus I'm going to 2017 Winter NAMM in Los Angeles, California, in 2 weeks so who knows what product lines I may pick up.  I do have meetings with most of my manufacturers, but will also speak with a nice guy that hit me up about doing school band instrument rentals.  Great logistics and they ship straight from their distribution center so I don't have to stock any products.  I just cut the deal and viola' you are jamming in school band. 

Still looking for a new and unique boutique pedal board line.  Let me know if you have any good ideas, but I have no intentions of doing the ordinary and competing with big box stores.  It has to be unique.

Standby for more information coming your way and by all means get in on our Monday night jam nights when we have them scheduled.  9pm to 1 am.  Yeah, all you need is your guitar, bass, keyboard, or drum sticks.  We supply all the rest.


Lynn Burke


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