New Mesa Boogie shipment arrives 3 January 2022 !!!

Hello from Blues City Music LLC.

Great news !!!  Huge shipment of Mesa Boogie arrives in our shop on 2 large pallets 3 January 2022.  You can expect the following with this shipment:

2 - Badlander 100 - heads.

5 - California Tweed - 1x12" combos.

2 - Fillmore 50 - 1x12" combos.

3 - Rectoverb 25 - 1x12" combos.

1 - Mark V 35 - 1x12" combo.

2 - Cab Clone IR units.

Take advantage of IN STOCK products while you can.  Supply chains, C-19, etc., are putting large strains on all sectors of the planet especially the music industry.

Don't forget Mesa Boogie via Gibson doesn't allow shopping carts so you have 3 different hot links for purchasing Mesa Boogie products at Blues City Music LLC.  Hyperlink to our site, hyperlink to text us, and hyperlink to call us. 

Love to hear from you with any questions.  TURN IT UP !!!

Lynn Burke

BCM LLC - Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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