Blues City Music is THE place for Instrument/Speaker cables...

Hello from Memphis.

You need to seriously take a good look at our large selection of boutique, hand made, instrument, speaker, and soon to be sold, XLR cables.  Blues City Music proudly carries:

Solid Cables - GT Instrument, GT Speaker, DAU, Instrument, and ELEPH Speaker cables in various lengths and colors.

Lava Cables - Blue Demon, Soar, and Ultramafic Instrument cables; Tephra Speaker cables, and Piston, Tight Rope pedal board cables.  All of the above are in various colors.

George L's Cables - Instrument and Speaker cables are available with an order, but I personally use their pedal board patch cables with both of my own pedal board rigs.  One is a full size 32" Pedal Train Pro board.  You can cut and route them any way you want.  Plus, you can use their own cable tester and know RIGHT NOW that they work perfectly.  Here is my own board.


James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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