Blues City Music is official Mesa Boogie standard and custom shop dealer

Hello from Memphis and Blues City Music.

After 4 months of negotiations, it is official now.  We are the newest Standard and Custom Shop dealer for Mesa Boogie Engineering.  This is huge. 

Mesa Boogie has been the gold standard for boutique amplification for almost 50 years.  EVERYTHING they make, everything, is built right in their Petaluma, California 20,000 square foot shop.  What you will see are a vast array of products not only IN STOCK, but also available for custom order. 

We have around $80,000 worth of pedals, amps, cabinets, and accessories coming including Mark V, Dual Rectifier, Recto Verb, Fillmore, Triple Crown, Rosette, and Subway amplifiers, as well as 1x12", 2x12", and 4x12" speaker cabinets.  34 amps and cabinets total.  We will also have replacemtn vacuum tube sets and misc. parts as well.  Give us a call, email, or text with any questions you may have.  Until then, be prepared to rock hard.  Mesa is THE STANDARD.

Lynn Burke

BCM Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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