Blues City Music, LLC., is NOW a stocking dealer for Furch Acoustic Guitars

Hello from Memphis, home of Rock & Roll and Delta Blues.

We are thrilled to let everyone know that we are now a proud stocking dealer for hand made acoustic guitars by the Furch Guitar company in the Czech Republic.  This company has been a family brand since its inception almost 40 years ago. 

Today they offer many different grades and models of their acoustic guitars.  You will see the Violet series beginning less than $1,000 per model all the way up to the Red series which is their top of the line guitar or the Rainbow series which is their premier custom shop, built one at a time guitar.  Sky is the limit.  You can just about have YOUR guitar made the way YOU want it.  Go try that with any of the larger manufacturer's and you will see how fast they say no.  Furchs says yes, and Blues City Music, LLC., is your only west Tennessee dealer.

Give us a call, email, tweet, text, message, or better yet, just come by and play them for yourself.  That is how you will know this brand is for you. 

Turn It Up.

Lynn Burke / BCM Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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