Blues City Music, LLC., is now an authorized dealer for ThroBak guitar pickups.

Hello from Memphis.  Thanks for stopping by our shop.

We are thrilled to announce that we are now an authorized stocking dealer for Jon Gundry's ThroBak pickups hand made in the great state of Michigan.  Jon owns four of the original pickup winders from the Gibson Guitars Kalamazoo, Michigan, factory.  He bought these iconic winders from the Les Paul estate sale. 

You will see various models of his venerable PAF pickups in stock, but he also builds humbucker sized P90's, soap bar P90's, and Strat style sing coil pickups.  We can get you anything you want including a custom set to match your needs.  He recently built me a custom set of his ESG-102B pickups to match the original PAF's I have in my 1961 Gibson Les Paul.  I can say they are extremely close in all regards to the original PAF's, and I am beyond pleased with them.  I installed them into my main player, a 2006 Tom Anderson Cobra S solid body guitar.

Check out our web store soon as I will post all of the in stock available pickups there.  Call, email, text, or message me with any questions.

ThroBak is the real deal.  Stop searching, start playing.  Turn It Up.

Lynn Burke / Blues City Music LLC owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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