Blues City Music LLC new store front IS OPEN !!!

Blues City Music LLC is proud to announce that we are now open at our new location in the eastern suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee.

Come to 8014 Club Center Drive, Suite 12, Cordova, Tennessee, 38016, to see our new store.  We spent 8 weeks remodeling and it is without comparison. 

We have the finest band stand money can buy set up and every amp, drum, etc., has a mic on it through our active QSC 4,000 watt PA system utilitzing 2 K 12's and 2 K Subs, professionally dialed in with a DBX Drive rack, DBX monitor EQ, Monster Cable 3500 power supply, 2 different monitor mixes, 2 vocal mics, and a drum shield make this the perfect jam night location. 

94' original Matchless DC30 2x12" combo, one off Soldano SLO-100 3 option head and matching 4x12" cabinet, 81' original Marshall JCM 800 2204 vertical input 50 watt head and matching 4x12" cabinet, with a 70' original Ampeg SVT and matching 8x10" cabinet is our current back line.  We also have permanently mounted AM DJ pro LED stage lighting. 

We plan on setting up a closed Face Book page for announcing and scheduling our jam nights.  Come on over and let's TURN IT UP.

Lynn Burke

Blues City Music - Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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