Blues City Music's "Room of Doom" amp demo room.

Hello from Memphis and Blues City Music.

Did you know that we have the only custom made Bob Bradshaw 8 amp switching system ever made?  This allows us to run 4 Soldano Custom Amplification amps (Avenger 50, Soldano SLO-100, Lucky 13 50, and a Decatone) into 1 Soldano 4x12" speaker cabinet as well as 4 Diamond Amplification amps (327 SD, Spitfire II, Nitrox, and Phantom) into 1 Diamond 4x12" speaker cabinet.  All 8 of these amps can be on at one time, and you can switch back and forth from any amp via an 8 button MIDI foot switch. 

We also have 2 Diezel Amplification amps (Herbert and VH4) running through a Tone Bone Head Bone into a Diezel 4x12" cabinet, and we have 2 Friedman Amplification amps (BE-100 and Small Box) running through a Tone Bone Head Bone into a Friedman 4x12" cabinet.

No where can you run this many amps through custom switching systems in a dedicated acoustically correct demo room.  You can RUN AS LONG AND AS LOUD as you like.  That's right, we close the doors and you rock. 

Come see us and these killer switching systems and give them a spin.  You'll be glad you did.

Lynn Burke

BCM - Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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