Business is booming, thanks so much !!!

Hello from Memphis,

We just wanted to thank all of our dear customers and friends for supporting Blues City Music LLC.  We've never seen business like this EVER.  Right now, we are up on average 400% on a month to month basis. Because of this we are doing all we can to repurchase everything we sell and also make additional purchases so when you buy it's ACTUALLY IN STOCK.  That is a moving target in the post Covid 19 world, but we are doing our best and so far it's going well.

Next week, we will have an 810 pound shipment coming to us from Mesa Boogie.  We have 25 open multiple item back orders with Mesa Boogie and this will make a small dent in our back orders.  Standby for updates on what's coming as well as other product lines like Seagull Guitars and 2 more Artist Series acoustics, 1 more McMillan dreadnought, additional Furch acoustic guitars, as well as another dozen or so Bare Knuckle pickup sets.

WE ARE the custom boutique musical instrument shop for Memphis.  That's a fact.  Come see us with a private appointment where you can play AS LOUD AND AS LONG as you like, or buy with confidence on the encrypted https web store right here.  You've come to the right place.

Turn It Up.

Lynn Burke  / BCM LLC - Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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