Did you know Blues City Music LLC is one of the largest Mesa Boogie dealers?

Hello from Memphis,

Did you know that Blues City Music LLC is now one of the 5 largest stocking Mesa Boogie dealers in all of North America?  That's a fact.  We have everything in stock and available via this web store or from a visit to our show room on the busiest street in Tennessee.  We'd love to have you come into the shop and check us out.  We have demo rooms where you can play for as LONG as you want and as LOUD as you like.  Me personally, I run 4x12" speaker cabinets  and 100 watt heads Deep Purple style.  I move air, there is no other way to make an amp sound spectacular unless you move air.  That is why we stock small wattage combos all the way up to oversized Recto 4x12" cabinets and 100 watt heads.

Come see us or inquire here about all things Mesa Boogie.  I practice what I preach and run my own Mesa Boogie Custom Shop Triple Crown 100 watt head and a traditional 4x12" speaker cabinet on a regular basis.  It is magical.  So now do what "baby Yoda" says, TURN IT UP.  That's how we roll at Blues City Music LLC.


James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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