LunaStone Overdrive pedals IN STOCK NOW !!!

Blues City Music is proud to announce that we have acquired an authorized dealership with LunaStone guitar effects pedals.  LunaStone is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, with facilities here in the USA.  They make some of the most dynamic and natural sounding overdrive pedals I've ever heard, but you might ask, well what experience do they have?  Great question.  I asked them this very same thing when I was introduced to them at the 2017 LA Winter NAMM show. 

Answer:  Most if not all of the executive management, distribution, research, and development etc., is handled by LunaStone associates whom were also at one time former employess within the T.C. Electronics company, up to and including CEO of US operations.  This means they totally understand all facets and logistical issues of a boutique manufacturing pedal company which has been very successful.

For you our customer, you will find six different styles of LunaStone overdrive pedals, from the micro pedal "The Pusher" all the way up to the multi faceted "Three Stage Rocket".  Everything you've ever dreamed about can be found in these pedals. 

Distribution from LA means that if we happen to be sold out of your pedal choice at that time, we can easily drop ship it straight to you from LA without delay.  I received my initial order of pedals within 4 days.

Blues City Music is your stop for boutique IN STOCK gear.  Give us a try, you'll be glad you stopped by. 

Lynn Burke - BCM Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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