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Mesa Boogie / Gibson Guitars acquisition

Hey guys/gals,

Hope all is well.  For those that may have heard or seen information about Gibson Guitars buying Mesa Boogie, RELAX.  This IS NOT CBS buying Fender in January 1965.  That was a disaster. 

Mesa Boogie has been owned by the same group since its inception in 1969.  Randy Smith, CEO of Mesa Boogie is 75 now.  He doesn't want to work for ever, but still very much enjoys doing new products like the Badlander that just launched. 

Mesa's shortest tenured employee in Petaluma, California, is 20-22 years employment.  These are family members to Randy, and make no doubt about it, Randy will have complete control of Mesa Boogie.

So, did you know Fiat owns Ferrari and Lambo both?  My point exactly, Maranello does exactly what they've always done, build the finest super cars money can buy.  Fiat just stays out of the way.  Gibson will do the same as they know ALL too well how this acquisition will be initially perceived. 

Relax.  All is well with Mesa Boogie.

Lynn Burke

BCM LLC - Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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April 12, 2022

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