Mesa Boogie order arriving 1 February 2019, come and get it.

Hello from Memphis,

Thanks for stopping by.  We wanted to let you know that another killer shipment of Mesa Boogie amplifiers will arrive at Blues City Music on 1 February.  You will see the following:

Mark V JP2C, John Petrucci, Custom Shop head in an amber stained 4A flame maple head shell.

Triple Crown 100, Custom Shop head in a red leather crocodile pattern head shell.

Mark V 35, 1x12" combo, black.

Mark V 35, head, black.

As always, you can come to our shop and play for as LONG AND AS LOUD as you like.  You can also contact us and we will gladly place a fully customized order for you as well.  Sky is the limit. 

Turn It Up, after all, it is ROCK AND ROLL.

Lynn Burke / BCM Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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