New Product Lines for Blues City Music, LLC.

Hello from Memphis,

We just wanted to announce that as of this month, early April, 2019, we have decided to pick up TAD - Tube Amp Doctors as a new dealer as well as Lakland Bass Guitars.  Both of these manufacturers have a very good presence in the vacuum tube market as well as USA made electric bass guitars. 

We plan on stocking a very large array of TAD tubes for your consideration from preamp, rectifier both vacuum and solid state, and output tubes. 

As for the Lakland Bass Guitar line, our initial order will be a killer looking USA custom shop, classic, and 4 gorgeous basses from the Skyline series.  This way we will have everyone covered.

Call, email, or message us anytime if you have questions.

Turn It Up.

Lynn Burke / BCM Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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