Soldano Custom Amplfication Update !!!


News Flash, 24 July 18'.

As many of you may already know, Mike Soldano has listed his Soldano Custom Amplification building, in downtown Seattle, Washington, for sale, and with this, Mike begins his very well deserved walk into retirement. 

As of right now, there are many clients interested in the building, and it is widely expected that he will have a contract very soon, which will require him to vacate shortly thereafter.  Because of this time limit, and because of the fact that ordering custom made amplifier chassis and transformer sets takes anywhere between 6-12 weeks, Mike has terminated building any new amplifiers unless he has the current parts in stock. 

As of today, he only has a limited number of Hot Rod 25's, 50 watt Avengers, and Hot Rod 100+ amplifiers available.  He also has some 2x12" and 4x12" speaker cabinets.

Blues City Music is holding onto most of the current stock of amplifiers, cabinets, and head shells that we have for sale, until we know exactly what is happening in Seattle, so even though our page shows items out of stock, don't be alarmed.  When we know for sure, we will notify everyone about where and how to purchase the final group of products built in Seattle. It may be listed here, on, or on eBay. 

My gut instinct is that someone or some entity will make a last minute proposal to manufacture his legendary flagship SLO and maybe the Hot Rod 25 at another location using their own assembly line.  If this transpires, it is highly probable that Blues City Music will not be part of this new organization.  For us, it was all about that magical chemistry created in Seattle.  That was a legandary tone. 

I've left Soldano Hot Rod 25's, 44's, Hot Rod 100+'s, and variations of 2x12" closed back, and 4x12" closed back cabinets available for purchase on my web store.  I'll update when things change.

What I will have for sale when the time comes is the following:



5 - SLO-100's - (2 - stock, 1 - 1 option, 1 - 3 option, and 1 - 5 option).

3 - 44 1x12" 50 watt combos in regency blue tolex/black hardware.

2 - Hot Rod 25 heads.

4 - Avenger heads  - (both 50 and 100 watt with and without effects loop).

1 - Lucky 13 50 watt head.

1 - Hot Rod 100+ 100 watt head (closest thing to an SLO there is).

1 - Astroverb 20 watt combo.

1 - Astroverb 20 watt head.


Speaker Cabinets:

1 - 4x12" slant closed back cabinet in purple tolex.

1 - 2x12" semi open cabinet in black tolex.

1 - 2x12" closed back horizontal cabinet in black tolex.

1 - 1x12" semi open cabinet in black tolex and black and silver grille.

1 - 2x12" empty closed back cabinet in black and burgundy snake skin.


Various Soldano SLO, Avenger, Hot Rod 100+ head shells:

Black, black and white snakeskin, black crocodile, black alligator, white, red, and purple may be available.



Lynn Burke / BCM Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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January 03, 2019

Hello, do you guy have soldano headshell in snakeskin? It will work with my Hot Rod 50 single channel?


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