Soldano Hot Rod 25 rigs are selling VERY WELL !!!

Hey guys,

Hope you are enjoying your summer.  BCM has been very busy in our shop with guitar, amp, and effects demos and sales.  The Soldano Hot Rod 25 head and/or cabinet has been selling very well.  Matter of fact, we have sold over 30 of these rigs and I PERSONALLY own serial #002 of this amp.  Mike Soldano kept the final prototype and serial #001, but I had to have the first production 25. 

Today, I had 2 customers spend about 3 hours with my Hot Rod 25 head in my shop.  Both are coming back next week to purchase their own rig.

ALL PARTS are in stock at Soldano so you can get yours too, and QUICKLY.  Last one I sold shipped to its customer in 10 days.  

Think 6L6/WGC full size ouput tubes, 5 - 12AX7 preamp tubes, Post Master Volume tube bufferered Effects Loop, Impedance selector, dual speaker jacks.  50 watt trannys would to produce 400 plate volts versus 480 so you get the M Brown Sound.  DC heaters on the output tubes so it's whisper quiet.

This is your amp.  You can run this rig anywhere.  Shred at home at whisper volumes or push a 4x12" at an outdoor gig.  I've done both many times.

Give us a call.  We can set you up.

Lynn Burke

Blues City Music - Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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February 16, 2019

Do you have the 2×12 cab in black with the diagonal speakers that is supposed to accompany the 25 watt head?


November 30, 2018

Do you guys have anymore of the Hot Rod 25’s in stock? Thanks.

Brendan Goudos
Brendan Goudos

October 31, 2018

Been trying to find out if you can order the saldano hot rod 25 head. Thanks Brendan

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