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Yes, big guitar amplifiers are selling now !!!

Just when you thought it was time to consider that digital practice or apartment sized guitar amplifier, or some sort of modeling or profiling device, I'm here to tell you that BIG 35 watt - 180 watt tube driven guitar amplifiers are IN FACT SELLING very well right now. 

Face it, after the newness wears off on that modeling or profiling amp as good as they may be, you realize that you only do this once.  Life is not a dress rehearsal.  Buy what you really want.  Play what you really want.  Enjoy that gorgeous guitar with the right amplifier.  Make inspirational music regardless of what genre' you dig.  After all, that's why we do this.  Enjoyment.

Blues City Music has 44 guitar amplifiers ON THE SALES FLOOR and LIVE VENUE BAND STAND every day of the week.  NO ONE touches what we do in guitar amplification.

Come see for yourself, but you will only see vacuum tube driven guitar amplifiers.  TURN IT UP....

Lynn Burke / BCM Owner

Should you buy new or used? That is the question of the week.

So should you save up more money, sell some unused gear so you can buy a new guitar or amplifier from, or should you roll the dice and by it used and hang on to that cash?  Great question, and one I get on a weekly basis.  Matter of fact, I had a customer from New York call today inquiring about a used Diezel Herbert.  My answer was no, but that I have a BRAND NEW UNTOUCHED Herbert arriving Friday.  It's all his if he chooses. 

Yeah, no doubt, I get it, the overall economic scene isn't that great, but I have a different take on this question.  Tell me what you think.

You only go around once, you probably play music as a hobby or second avenue for income, and you are thinking, hmm, no one will really know that I'm running a modeling amp, transistor amp, full array of pedals, or backing tracks when I gig right?  WRONG.  You'd be surprised how many guys and gals are in the back of the room checking out not only your tone, but your mix, your feel, and your inspiration.  Can you get there with below average gear or even a host of used gear, maybe?  My response would be when you bought that amplifier, did you have any idea where, how, or when this amp was played?  Any mods done to it?  Don't forget, mods VOID any manufacturers warranty unless they perform the modifications.  Any idea how many times it's been plugged in but NOT to a cabinet?  This wreaks havoc on the transformers and the voltage shoots sky high. 

What about that guitar you can't live without?  Same thing, any mods, blemishes, defects that you didn't see before you bought it? 

Sure, it's a roll of the dice, but EVERY TIME I take in a trade and most of the time it is only for Soldano SLO-100's of which I know very well, I still send the amp to Michael Soldano at the Soldano factory to personally inspect, repair, and retube/rebias.  Yep, almost every time something isn't right, or some knucklehead wiz bang self professed amp genius made a mess of it.  Never fails. 

So, just be prepared for those unexpected repairs etc., or better yet, put all of your worries aside, do the right thing, give me a call a Blues City Music and I will make sure you get a PERFECT amplifier or electric guitar without worrying whether some 12 year old kid has been banging on it.  NONE of my for sale amps or guitars are EVER out for the public to see much less play unless it other wise noted. 

When you buy from Blues City Music, you are spending A LOT of money so buy NEW and let me handle all the logistics.  You have a valid warranty, plus you have service from Blues City Music before, during, and after the sale. Here is a PERFECT example of a guitar amplifier that you should buy brand new. 

Diamond/Soldano 327SD Black / Silver Stripes 100 watt Guitar Amplifier | Blues City Music - Boutique Guitars & Amps

Turn It Up LOUD.

Be safe out there.


Lynn Burke

Blues City Music - owner

Diamond Amplification 327SD guitar amplifier demo by Blues City Music is now available

Blues City Music is proud to announce that we have uploaded a killer new 1920 x 1080 HD guitar amplifier video of the Diamond Amplification 327SD.  You can find it on either the Diamond or Soldano amp collections here, the Blues City Music Face Book page, or on the Blues City Music You Tube channel.

We recorded this clip via a Yamaha 2 channel mixer with Darlington mic preamps, a Shure SM57 instrument mic mounted off center off axis into a Diamond Amplification 4x12" straight front cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30's in 8 ohms, and a Canon 5D Mark III full frame DSLR camera at 24 frames per second in Manual, F8 aperture, 1/50 shutter speed, and ISO of 800.  NO STUDIO TRICKS at all.  The video was edited with the latest version of iTunes 10 using an iMac with 10.10.2 Yosemite operating system. 

Enjoy.  This amplifier is available now, with predicted shipping of 30 April 2015.  Give us a shout for any more details or check it out here on the Diamond or Soldano amplifier pages.

Keep rockin'... and thanks to Sam Austin, Diamond manager for playing these killer riffs for the video.

Lynn Burke

Diamond Amplification/Diamond Guitars/Diamond Tactical visit 25 March 15'

Blues City Music will be in Houston, Texas, 24-25 March 2015, to meet with owner Jeff Diamant and shop manager Sam Austin. I'm hoping to shoot 4 videos.

1.  Introduction to Diamond Amplification and how, when, and where this company is going.

2.  Introduction to Diamond Guitars what the future holds as far as models and pricing.

3.  Introduction to Diamond Tactical gig bag, guitar, effects, etc. MOLLE system products.

4. *** Live video of the just released Diamond Amplification 327SD guitar amp.  Sam Austin will demo this amp for me covering all aspects including Clean, Crunch, and Overdrive channels.

I'll be bringing my portable photography and video rigs with me to capture both days visit.  I'll be using my Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera with a 24/105 mm L lens, Speedlite 600 external flash, Manfrotto tripod, and IR shutter release for pristine pictures.  I'll be shooting in RAW and will edit later in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements 12.

For video, I'll use the same DSLR camera in Manual settings of 1/50 shutter speed, F8 aperture, and 1600 ISO +/-, in ALL AI, for stellar 1920 x 1280 HD video files.  Next will be a 1/8" or 3mm TRS plug from the camera to an XLR microphone cable to a Yamaha 2 channel mixer with Darlington mic preamps.  Out from the mixer will be an XLR cable to a Shure SM58 BLX wireless hand held vocal mic for narration during the videos, and another XLR cable to a Shure SM 57 for hookup to guitar amplifiers.  All will be monitored by a 19" LCD monitor to make sure audio and video is perfect.

Standby, I hope to have these videos edited and up on the BCM website, BCM Face Book, and BCM You Tube channel ASAP. 

December 10, 2014


Posted in Blues City Music

Welcome to Blues City Music

Hello from Memphis, Tennessee, where we proudly call home.  Memphis is also the home of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, Donald Duck Dunn, Al Green, and a host of other major label iconic musicians.

If you are like me, you first started out with a small practice amp and a beater guitar.  Then you moved into imports and bigger amps as well.  Maybe you tried the digital craze of modeling amps and/or a host of foot pedals trying to find your tone.  Did you find it?  Maybe, but more than likely since you are here at my site, you didn't.  Well, don't feel like the Lone Ranger.  We've all been there and done that.  Blues City Music was started by me with one premise, CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I totally get it.  When I grew up in the 70's, Memphis had an iconic music store called Strings and Things.  Great guys, 86,000 square foot facility, but you couldn't touch anything or turn anything up.  Well, at Blues City, you can come to my store front which is a daily working studio, and you can play as LONG and as LOUD as you want.  As you can see from the first few pics on my home page, I have the best amps available for you to demo right in my studio.  I can also bring any guitar, guitar cable, speaker cabinet, etc., for you to demo as well.  After all, isn't that the way it is supposed to be? 

You want to find your tone, be treated like royalty, and establish a long standing friendship, well, you've come to the right place.  I only sell what I consider to be the very best products known to man, and at a fair price.  NO GAMES.  You get what you see unlike what you may run into with online big box stores or auction sites.

Life is too short.  Research the products you are interested in, give us a call, tweet, email, etc., and let us help you find your tone. 

Welcome to Blues City Music and customer service done the old fashioned way.  We've been waiting for you.

Enjoy the ride and TURN IT UP..

Lynn Burke