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Yes, big guitar amplifiers are selling now !!!

Just when you thought it was time to consider that digital practice or apartment sized guitar amplifier, or some sort of modeling or profiling device, I'm here to tell you that BIG 35 watt - 180 watt tube driven guitar amplifiers are IN FACT SELLING very well right now. 

Face it, after the newness wears off on that modeling or profiling amp as good as they may be, you realize that you only do this once.  Life is not a dress rehearsal.  Buy what you really want.  Play what you really want.  Enjoy that gorgeous guitar with the right amplifier.  Make inspirational music regardless of what genre' you dig.  After all, that's why we do this.  Enjoyment.

Blues City Music has 44 guitar amplifiers ON THE SALES FLOOR and LIVE VENUE BAND STAND every day of the week.  NO ONE touches what we do in guitar amplification.

Come see for yourself, but you will only see vacuum tube driven guitar amplifiers.  TURN IT UP....

Lynn Burke / BCM Owner

GREAT NEWS: Blues City Music is an authorized dealer for Friedman Amplification

Blues City Music has recently added Friedman Amplification to its line of guitar amplifiers. We will add the flagship BE-100 head and Small Box head as our initial order. 

Friedman Amplification was founded by legendary amp builder and owner of Rack Systems Ltd., Dave Friedman.  His work over 25 years includes signature models with Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains, Steve Stevens of Billy Idol, and Phil X, seasoned touring guitarist and session player. 

All of Dave's amps are voiced for the individual player so whether you pick a full size head and 4x12" cabinet or a 1x12" combo, you will get the tone you want for the venue you play. 

Friedman Amplifiers use EL34's and 12AX7's as it's choice of vacuum tubes.  All amps are hand built in their North Hollywood, California shop and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY for the original purchaser. 

For speaker choice, Dave opted for Celestion G12M 25 watt Greenbacks for the top two speakers in a 4x12" cabinet and Celestion VIntage 30's in the bottom two positions.  The 1x12" combo amps utilize the new Celestion Creamback which is a higher rated wattage Greenback style speaker. 

From clean to gain, Friedman has what you want in a hand built guitar amplifier and Blues City Music is the place to get it.  Even if what you see isn't in stock, we can get ANY AMP within 10 days.  How's that for service?