Blues City Music terminates dealership with Splawn Amplification

As of today, 9 September 2015, Blues City Music has terminated its dealership with Splawn Amplification in Dallas, North Carolina.  This occured because of irreconcilable differences beyond our control.  No hard feelings and no ill will as Scott is a fabulous guy and makes a really nice Marhshallesque type EL 34 amp.  We wish them nothing but the best.

We will be liquidating our remaining 8 pieces of Splawn equipment.  IN STOCK, UNTOUCHED, and NEVER OPENED are 3 different 4x12" cabinets and 1 Quick Rod 100 watt amplifier. 

We will also be selling the demo products in our studio/store front including a Quick Rod with )Mullard EL 34's), Nitro with (JJ KT88's), and a 4x12" slant cabinet with Eminence Big Block speakers.

I can't list prices here or our website due to potential MAP violations, so call, email, or text and I'll gladly give you a killer deal.


James Burke

Blues City Music - owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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