Blues City Music is now an authorized Matchless Amplifiers dealer.

Blues City Music is proud to announce that we have received approval as an authorized Matchless Amplifiers dealer.

Matchless Amplifiers was founded in 1989 with a simple philosophy: Build the best, most versatile amplifier possible. Built and designed by professional musicians for professional musicians, Matchless amplifiers live up to their name. Their mission is and has always been to build the best sounding, most durable amp on the market.

Matchless amplifiers and extension cabinets are all point-to-point hand wired by their staff in Los Angeles, California using the best materials available.

Cathode biased means it's a simple remove and replace when it comes to output tubes. 

Blues City Music will stock the following items, but ANY amplifier, cabinet, or pedal in their inventory is always available with a simple order.  Black tolex for your amp is the industry standard color, but Matchless offers a host of other colors upon request at a nominal charge. 

Matchless Amplifier cabinets are loaded with Celestion G12 H30 and Celestion G12M Greenback speakers. 


1.  Matchless DC30 2 x 12" combo with reverb.  2 channels, 15/30 watts, effects loop, EL84, 12AX7, EF86, 5AR4. This is the amplifier that started it all.  Industry standard. 

1.  Matchless Clubman head with reverb, and matching 2x12" cabinet.  35 watt single channel, EL34, effects loop. 

1.  Matchless Independence head with reverb, and matching 2x12" cabinet.  35 watt 3 channel, EL34, 12AX7, 5AR4 tube rectifier. 

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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