Blues City Music is now an authorized stocking dealer for Lava Cables

Blues City Music is now proud to offer our customers the world renowned Lava Cables brand.  Lava Cables owner, Mark Stoddard, is a former US Army Officer, so naturally with me having been a USAF and Tennessee Air National Guard C-130 Aircraft Commander, we speak the same language.  For you our valued customer, this means you can expect an extremely well made product and a fantastic customer service. 

Case in point, I wanted to see how fast their service was before taking them on as a new dealer.  I needed a very customized Stereo Y cable for the effects loop of my own 1994 Matchless DC-30 combo guitar amplifier.  This cable had to have both mono and stereo/TRS male 1/4" plugs and 20' of cable.  When I called to order, Mark answered the phone, took the order, and within 2 days it was shipped to me in packaging as good as any I've ever seen, and I've been in the shipping business at FedEx for 34 years.  BINGO, HOMERUN.  Lava Cables is the real deal.

I will be stocking Blue Demon, Soar, and Ultramafic guitar instrument cables, Tephra speaker cables, and Tightrope and Piston pedal board kits.  You will have the option of 12' - 20' on most cables and 3' - 6' on speaker cables. 

The Lava Cables catalog is VERY LONG and in depth.  Matter of fact it is 26 pages, so if I don't have what you need in stock, please let me know and I'll get it right out to you ASAP.

Turn it up....

Lynn Burke

Blues City Music - owner


James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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