Amazing news for Blues City Music LLC

Hello from BCM LLC.  Hope your day is rocking big. 

Don't know if you saw the news or not, but Mesa Boogie is over capacity with back orders and has immediately SHUT DOWN ALL NEW orders effective 20 May 2021 until further notice.  We are hearing this will extend until 31 December 2021.  What does this mean for BCM LLC?

It means that we still have a large back order of Mesa Boogie gear coming very soon including many guitar amplifier heads, speaker cabinets, combo amplifiers, and pedals so don't worry.

Because we are one of the LARGEST stocking dealers with Mesa Boogie, we were offered the ability to send in an Excel .xls spreadsheet for orders to be shipped monthly from July through November 2021 while the moratorium is on for all smaller dealers.  This is the largest order we've ever submitted.  It is worth about $137,000 USD and will be split up and sent to us over a 5 month period. 

I'll periodically update my web store and make these items available when my pallets ship to BCM LLC.  Thanks so much.  We got this.

Lynn Burke /  BCM LLC Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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