Mesa Boogie New Shipment !!!

Hello from Memphis and Blues City Music LLC.

Great things are happening at BCM LLC right now especially with the upcoming arrival of a new pallet of Mesa Boogie products.  The following are coming with this shipment:

2 - Mark V 35 - heads.  (I may hang onto 1 for the demo room).

2 - Mark V 35 - 1x12" combos.  1 black 1 Custom Shop in creme.

1 - Rosette - 1x`10" acoustic combo.

1 - 2x12" - Vertical cabinet.

2 - 5 band Graphic EQ's. 

I should have another pallet shipping in May, June, and July, so either roll the dice and see what I have when it arrives, or secure a purchase right here with a custom order.  I'd do the latter as many others have done the same thing.

Turn It Up !!!

Lynn Burke

BCM LLC - Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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